The Constitutional Monarchy of the Anatolic Kingdom

Cum Aurora, Surget Nos

About Our Mighty Kingdom

             On November 8, 2012, our first national monarch, Our Highness, Lady Elizabeth decided to create the Kingdom Descended from the Sun and the Moon, or by shorter names, the Principality of the Sun and Moon Kingdom or just the Sun and Moon Kingdom. Only age fifteen, the queen was not able to purchase land in America or know if it was even legal to have micronation. Although not having land is a minor setback, together, we can still make this a country. 

            Although the nation is called 'The Principality of the Sun and Moon Kingdom', this is an highly inaccurate statement about the country. The nation is not a principality purely because the monarch is not a princess but a queen (currently). It was called a principality to compete with another micronation, The Principality of Sealand. The two nations never had any foreign relations whatsoever.

             After the First National Day (11/8/13), the nation's name changed to the Constitutional Monarchy of the Anatolic Kingdom. This was to create a more professional national name for a country. This also allows for a better abbreviation for the Sun and Moon Kingdom. Instead of S.M.K., the new abbreviation of the name would either be the Anatolic Kingdom or just Anatola. This name change was for convenience and professional needs.