The Constitutional Monarchy of the Anatolic Kingdom

Cum Aurora, Surget Nos

National Facts

Country's Official Name: The Constitutional Monarchy of the Anatolic Kingdom (Anatol Deustch: Il Monarchia di Anatol√§reich)

Country's Local Name: The Anatolic Kingdom, Anatolae (Anatol Deustch: Anatol√§reich)

Population: Officially, one.
Planed Capital: Lune, Anatolae
Planed Largest City: Sol, Anatolae
Nationality: Anatole, Anatolic
Official Language: English/ Anatolic German (A combination of the Italian and German languages)
Minority Languages: German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian
National Bird: Swan
National Animal: Arctic Fox
National Flower: Water Lily
National Anthem: (Unofficial) "The Moon Represents My Heart" By Teresa Teng
National Currency: N/A
National Food: Chocolate
National Drink: Milk
National Holidays: La Festa der Mater (3rd wk Jan), La Festa der Vater (3rd wk June), The First Monarch's Birth (Nov 2), National Day of the
Anatoles (Nov 8)
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
National Motto: "Sol et Luna requiem eorum potestatem super nos" (Translation: The Sun and Moon rest their power upon us)
Meaning of the Colors of the Flag: 
Purple Stripes: The purple on the flag stands for peace.
Teal/Aqua Stripe: This stands for the ocean the nation longs to be by and also the sky.
Yellow Sun: This stands for the joy of the people and how bright they are. (Supposed to be 15-pointed which would represent the age of the
first queen when the nation was created)
Purple Crescent Moon: This stands for royalty.
Blue Crescent Moon: This stands for the loyalty of the citizens.